Enterprise Infrastructure

Enterprise IT Infrastructure is at the heart and soul of our company. For over 11 years, the team at Think has been helping our clients design, procure and implement best-in-class Infrastructure Solutions, including Converged Datacenters, Virtualized Server and Storage solutions, and secure wired and wireless networks.

Converged Datacenter Solutions

A Converged Datacenter encapsulates compute, storage and networking into a self-provisioning pool of shared resources. Think provides converges solutions from Nutanix, Cisco, EMC, Dell and HP.

The automation and self-provisioning results in a datacenter that is easier to manage and provision, and can rapidly scale up or down to provision new on-premise or Cloud-based services.

Server Virtualization

Think’s extensive Server Virtualization expertise has helped clients transform their datacenters from sprawling masses of energy-sucking under-utilized servers, to agile, optimized, and energy-efficient datacenters.

Our Virtualization team has helped countless organizations realize the agility, manageability and resilience that server virtualization offers. Think has helped numerous clients architect, deploy, and support both VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V virtual infrastructures.

Enterprise Storage

The Think team can help maximize your storage investments through a comprehensive Storage capacity and performance assessment. Combined with your business and IT requirements, we can then create a tiered Enterprise Storage Solution that is optimized for your varied storage needs. From performance-optimized flash arrays and low-cost capacity-based storage solutions, to Virtualized Storage Arrays and Cloud Storage, Think will ensure the best fit for your current and future storage requirements.

Perhaps more importantly, we’ll ensure your data is protected through customized backup and recovery solutions – from conventional in-house storage solutions to Cloud-based Backup and Replication services.

Think works with all the major players in Enterprise Storage, including EMC, Dell, Nimble, NetApp, and HP.

Exchange & AD

Think has deep Exchange and AD expertise. We provide a full range of design, implementation and support services for Exchange regardless of whether your infrastructure resides in a public, private or hybrid environment.

For clients looking to get Exchange support off their plates, Think provides migration services for your existing on-premise Exchange environment into Hosted and Cloud Environments all while ensuring there is little to no impact to your organization’s users.

Think’s expertise and efficiency is reflected in this Municipal client’s reference letter:

“The project scope was a complete replacement of legacy infrastructure with a dynamic, virtualized infrastructure that would result in improved performance, manageability, an improved backup and DR solution… I am happy to report the Think solution helped us achieve those goals, and they were on time and on budget.”

Network Infrastructure

The majority of enterprise networks in place today were not designed for the high-bandwidth, low-latency and robust security required to securely support VOIP, Virtualization, BOYD, and Cloud Computing solutions that end-users are demanding today.

Whether you need to optimize your existing network or prepare to support new network services and solutions, Think’s Network Consultants can help design and implement future-proof networks that improve the reliability, performance, and security of the backbone of your IT infrastructure.

Here’s what a B.C. Financial Service firm had to say about a comprehensive Cisco Unified Communications project with Think went:

“Think Communication’s assistance extended beyond the implementation of the Cisco solution… including a Microsoft Exchange implementation, the installation of a new SAN, and a Virtual Desktop deployment…their ability to address all of our datacenter infrastructure requirements as a on-stop shop is invaluable.”

Think is a strong partner for the leaders in Network Infrastructure, like Cisco, F5, Barracuda, and Meraki.